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    Interesting Times…..

    As Chinese New Year celebrations wind down, it’s fitting to recall an expression that has been attributed to the Chinese for generations. The expression “May you live in interesting times” has an origin that is, ironically, interesting itself. Regardless of its origin, upon closer examination, the expression seems not to be a blessing at all, […]

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    What’s Next for the Markets?

    President Trump The trading days leading up to the U.S. presidential election did not feel great. For eight straight trading days, the stock market lost value. It was the first time the market had experienced eight consecutive down days since 2008. Fortunately, this year’s eight-day funk amounted to the S&P 500 losing only about 3% […]

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    Election Notes

    Albert Camus, the French philosopher and author who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957, probably had October on his mind when he wrote: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Camus died in January of 1960, so his last October among the living was in 1959.  If he’d have […]

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    It’s Debatable

    You know it’s the fall in North Texas when your kid comes home from school with tickets to the State Fair of Texas.  The Fair just kicked off its 130th year, and it’s a pretty big deal in these parts with a number of attractions drawing hundreds of thousands of people every year. The State […]

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    Student Debt Crisis —Part 1

    This is Part One of a two-part series on the Student Debt Crisis now facing America. In this piece, we’ll look at how bad the problem really is and how we got here. In Part Two, we’ll look at proposed fixes and how with some good planning you can avoid or at least take steps […]

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    Summer Lull

    If you slipped into a coma on August 1st and just regained consciousness on August 31st, you might have looked around and thought that you really didn’t miss much while you were out cold.  The world’s capital markets were sitting right about where they started.  The S&P 500 traded in a very narrow range with […]

  • Traditional-IRA-vs-Roth

    Roth 401k vs Traditional 401k, Which is Best?

    Recently, there has been renewed discussion about whether employee investors should make traditional pre-tax contributions into their employer-provided 401k plan or take advantage of the Roth 401k option.  Over the past several years, many employers have added a Roth 401k option to their retirement plan offering, which is the basis for the increased discussion. What […]

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    Trends vs. Logic

    Data or Demand? In case you haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a serious election going on right now.  Votes are being cast day after day, and the message seems pretty clear: buying American stocks, bonds, and real estate is how investors are voting with their money.  We very well could be looking at the fifth […]

  • Rational vs Emotional concept. Words printed on note paper and attached to rope with clothes pins.

    Emotions and Decision-making

    Some time ago, one of my colleagues wrote a three-part white paper on how emotions can affect our decision-making processes.  How it is next to impossible to remove the emotional bias from everyday decisions when it comes to finances.  There was much discussion about how our brains process information and the paper even described the […]