Tax Planning

  • 2016-election

    Election Notes

    Albert Camus, the French philosopher and author who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957, probably had October on his mind when he wrote: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Camus died in January of 1960, so his last October among the living was in 1959.  If he’d have […]

  • Traditional-IRA-vs-Roth

    Roth 401k vs Traditional 401k, Which is Best?

    Recently, there has been renewed discussion about whether employee investors should make traditional pre-tax contributions into their employer-provided 401k plan or take advantage of the Roth 401k option.  Over the past several years, many employers have added a Roth 401k option to their retirement plan offering, which is the basis for the increased discussion. What […]

  • tax-free-tax-deferred

    Tax Free? Does it Really Exist?

    Most People Confuse Tax Deferred (will be taxed at some point) with Tax Free (will never be taxed) When most investors hear “tax free income”, they immediately think about investing in municipal bonds which are free from federal income taxation.  There are many financial calculators for the tax free equivalent yield when investing in municipal […]

  • planning ahead

    Planning for the Inevitable

    This month I’d like to hit on a topic that most of us avoid because it can be hard to talk about. That topic is death, and more specifically, planning our own funeral, memorial service, and burial or cremation. On a personal note, I’ve been through this process in just the last two months with […]

  • Taxes

    Already 2016????

    Some Updates and Reminders for Closing 2015 and Beginning 2016 As we ring in the New Year and put last year to rest, I wanted to take some time to run down a list of tax and financial topics of interest.  These items are things of importance to consider as you prepare for 2016 which […]

  • Fed interest rate

    Will They or Won’t They

    Welcome to reality TV, Federal Reserve style.  As the Federal Reserve grapples with the decision of whether or not to raise short-term interest rates for the first time in almost ten years, the lead-up is playing out like a made for TV drama.  It’s the newest in reality TV.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this […]

  • Real Estate Concept

    ESTATE PLANNING—Part 2: Taxes

    Last month’s blog piece, was the first installment in a three-part series on estate planning. Estate planning is the “most overlooked, misunderstood and procrastinated piece” of the financial plan for most families, when it really shouldn’t be. Putting together a good estate plan is relatively straight-forward, especially with the help of an experienced attorney, and […]

  • estate planning part 3


    After almost twenty years in the financial services industry, I can tell you firsthand as an attorney that estate planning is the most overlooked, misunderstood and procrastinated piece of the financial plan for most families. I can also tell you from experience why that’s usually the case: most people think putting together an estate plan […]

  • tax planning

    Year-End Tax Planning and Preparation

    Where has the year gone?!!! We half way through the final month of 2014 and before you start (or finish) your holiday shopping and plans for Christmas we need to consider a few items regarding Year-End Tax Planning And Preparation. WHY IS YEAR-END TAX PLANNING AND PREPARATION IMPORTANT? Many of the items we are going […]