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  • Student Debt Crisis —Part 2

    This is Part Two of a two-part series on the Student Debt Crisis now facing America. In Part One, we looked at how bad the problem really is and how we got here. In this second installment, we’ll look at proposed fixes and how with some good planning you can avoid becoming a student loan […]

  • Tax Free? Does it Really Exist?

    Most People Confuse Tax Deferred (will be taxed at some point) with Tax Free (will never be taxed) When most investors hear “tax free income”, they immediately think about investing in municipal bonds which are free from federal income taxation.  There are many financial calculators for the tax free equivalent yield when investing in municipal […]


    We know they’re coming but don’t want to acknowledge them! As I sit to write the blog for this month, I can’t help but reflect how my life has changed over the past month with what seem like normal life events.  What are these life events?  Well both of my sons have had graduations.  I […]