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Author: Rex Moxley

Some of the most hackneyed suggestions you’ll hear from financial advisers is, “Don’t invest with emotion.” We’re going to gently push back on that notion a little. The reasons why you invest are deeply emotional because the stakes are high. This isn’t about scorekeeping, it’s about ensuring that your loved ones—yourself included—are provided for when […]

DALLAS—April 1, 2019—Smith Anglin Financial has been recognized as a 2019 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers as announced by InvestmentNews today. Smith Anglin Financial was chosen as one of this year’s top-75 based on employer and employee surveys delving into everything from company culture, benefits, career paths, and more. “We work hard together. […]

President Trump might have secured another policy win that has the potential to positively affect broad swaths of the American public. Tax reform’s impact was experienced more by businesses than by individuals, as evidenced by Republican congressional candidates deemphasizing it as a campaign theme. And although the administration has prevailed in the battle to seat […]

Would you believe Weekend at Bernie’s is almost 30 years old? We only mention it because this lighthearted summer comedy offers a message that’s just as timely today. When the two buddies show up at their boss’s plush, beachfront chateau, The Serious One says: “All of this could be yours if you set your goals […]