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Author: Steve Anglin

We’re going to discuss, rationally and without political vitriol, the shortcomings and virtues of the wealth tax proposed by presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). This critical evaluation will be rooted in what Warren’s campaign website calls the “Ultra-Millionaire Tax.” Our assessment is not favorable, but unlike many who denigrate the plan, we actually read […]

The sad truth about recessions is that you could already be in one and not know it. The most commonly agreed-upon definition of a recession is two consecutive readings of negative growth of a country’s gross domestic product. Considering that these readings are conducted quarterly, the economy could have been contracting for quite a while […]

If you’re like most of us, you haven’t thought too deeply about your retirement savings for some number of years.  You might have made a selection on your W-4 form the day you were on-boarded and haven’t given it a whole lot of attention since. You get your periodic statement from your retirement plan, and, as […]

Universal Basic Income (or UBI) is a trendy social policy concept being tossed about by a wide variety of thought leaders from Silicon Valley to the Washington DC think tanks.  Whether it is a solution to combat the loss of jobs through automation, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, or help complement the existing social safety nets […]

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