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  • Attention, shoppers! The store is NOT closing in 15 minutes!

    It is 1982. The Home Shopping Club – later Home Shopping Network – pops up on cable TV across the U.S. A shudder runs down the spines of America’s retailers. It is 1995. Two new internet companies, Amazon and eBay, introduce e-commerce to a broad swath of consumers. This is bound to sink in-person sales. […]

  • Plug and play: The rise of electric vehicles

    We’ve wanted to do this one for a long time – about a year. Where did that year go? What could possibly have been so important that talking about cool cars seemed like too idle a pursuit? It escapes us now. Anyway … It’s no exaggeration to describe America’s relationship with the automobile as a […]

  • The Maximum Hype about Minimum Wage

    There’s a debate raging about the minimum wage. And, more often than not, it’s an internal debate people are having inside their own brains. On the one hemisphere, it’s a great idea. The minimum wage hasn’t been increased in a decade and, although inflation has been low, it’s not zero, and the prices of necessities, […]

  • Personnel is policy

    It can be presumed at this point that on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be in office. Elections, no matter how well-executed and no matter how flawed, come to a conclusion at some point. The winner gets to pick the people who will execute the agenda. It is these appointments that, more than anything […]

  • funding college

    Planning for College? Here are 7 Ideas to Fund Higher Education

    Every year, parents paying for their children’s college education ask, “Is this really worth the money?” And every year, the answer becomes less of a full-throated “Yes! Absolutely! A college education is worth every penny, and then some!” By the end of the last academic year, the answer was more likely to be “Yeah. Maybe.” […]

  • United Pilots, How to Evaluate the Pilot Voluntary Separation Leave (P-VSL) Offer

    You’re likely well aware that United recently announced an early retirement offer called the Pilot Voluntary Separation Leave (P-VSL), but you may be struggling to determine if participating is the right decision for you and your family. The P-VSL may be an attractive offer for pilots considering an early-out, but there are many factors and […]

  • How to Navigate a Volatile Market

    With the economy sputtering, stocks going up, and coronavirus cases going one way or the other depending on where you live, these are some fairly anxious times. No, let’s not be cagey about it. These are the most anxious times since most of us have been alive, and since most of our parents have been […]

  • Getting fiscal about getting physical

    With the spread of Covid-19 dominating the headlines, health is understandably on people’s minds. So, we’ve decided to make this a wellness-themed newsletter. We recently gave an overview of the streaming media industry. Now we’ll examine another industry that seems to have popped up seemingly overnight: exercise equipment. Sure, there were always weight machines, and […]

  • The act is SECURE – is your retirement?

    The second substantive financial legislation of Donald Trump’s presidency is now law. The SECURE Act – named the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act by someone who needed to put the acronym cart before the nomenclature horse – was signed by the president in December 2019. As you recall, Mr. Trump’s signature accomplishment […]