The 401k AutopilotSM Program

The premiere retirement readiness program for pilots

  • Protect your nest egg so you can retire comfortably.

    If you have more than $250,000 in your 401k account, The 401k AutopilotSM Program is the solution to creating a secure future for your family in a very insecure airline world. The program goes far beyond simply automating the growth and safety of your 401k account. It alleviates the burden of caring for your 401k and can deliver the result you want: Being ready to retire with the money you will need.

    The 401k AutopilotSM Program is available to pilots employed by any of the major airline carriers in all 50 states.

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  • Take Command of Your Financial Future.

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Advantages and Benefits of The 401k AutopilotSM Program

01. Greater confidence in your future. More peace of mind. Less uncertainty.

Whether you’re flying, in a crew hotel, or fighting engine fires and failures in the simulator, the single largest retirement asset you own is being watched very closely – managed every day the market is open – by a team of professionals.

Someday, you will retire. You will begin withdrawing from your retirement savings. The value of those savings at retirement will determine your future standard of living. That is your time and destination. What remains undecided is exactly what the future value will be and your future standard of living. The 401k AutopilotSM can’t guarantee a future value of your investments. It can give you confidence about your future as it keeps you on the correct flight path toward retirement.

02. Better odds of a successful outcome.

There’s no chance we could out-fly you. There’s even less chance you’ll out-invest us. The odds are better for a great result for both of us when we each focus on the chair we’ve mastered. Most pilots find their time and energy is fully taken up already by a very demanding profession and a family. They’re not looking for another full-time job.

03. Immediate access to a team of highly qualified financial experts.

By choosing The 401k AutopilotSM program, you immediately put a team of experts on your side, watching out for your interests. All our experience? Instantly yours. The learning curve to successful investing? Done. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to get educated, trained, and equipped? Done. All there to get you prepared for future retirement.

04. Your life simplified. Less stress.

With one less thing to constantly worry about, you’ll never be that pilot who runs off his aircraft at every stop to check the market. We’ll lift that burden immediately from your shoulders. It’s all we do, full-time. You have enough stress already with your career. You don’t need a second job keeping up with the markets.

05. Decisiveness and clarity from unemotional investing.

Three out of four magazines say one thing about the market and the fourth has some expert saying just the opposite. They all sound so reasonable. Which do you believe? Clearly, they are not all right. What do you do? Without clear direction, you may find you are immobilized by the differing opinions – yet you still have to make investment decisions. Your future depends on it.

Do you find yourself unclear as to how to take action when it’s required? Are you reluctant to invest at the bottom, just when you should be buying into the market? Are you unable to sell at the top, just when you should be taking some money off the table? Do you know if we’re at a market top or bottom? You may be unable to pull the trigger – but someone has to make investment decisions. To us, these decisions are just another day working for our clients. In the same way we put flying the jet into your hands, we handle the markets for our clients.

06. Burden of decision-making instantly removed from your shoulders.

Instantly, you’ll be following our objective and successful investment discipline. Your only job will be to hire us, designate which model portfolio you want to have and then to relax and watch us do our thing. You’ll always be able to see your account 24/7 online.

07. Avoid costly mistakes that can create huge losses in your 401k.

We’ve personally talked with hundreds of pilots and we hear stories of things they did themselves that lost more than half their account value in a year. But it wasn’t just half the value they lost – they lost years worth of contributions they’ll never have time to make again.

Some of these mistakes could have been avoided if only they knew what we know. You don’t have to get experience the expensive way. You’ll instantly “own” our experience and increase your odds of avoiding these kinds of devastating mistakes.

08. Increased free time.

Immediately fire yourself from the frustrating uncertainty and never-ending burden of managing your money, and immediately promote yourself to the very best job: Having time for your hobbies and interests and enjoying rich relationships with family and friends! Do what you love. No one can create more time. We can free up your time so you can use it the way you want to use it. Leave the worry and stress to us while you begin to enjoy the free time you have.

09. Establish a relationship with a trusted advisor now, ahead of retirement, in case the worst happens to you.

We’re often asked, “If something happens to me, will you take care of my wife?” Yes, that’s what we do. It has happened many times during our careers. We are here if the worst happens.

10. A complete investment strategy to help protect your money during up, and down, markets.

The markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. If you make money and give it back in market corrections, what have you accomplished? We’ll execute an investment strategy for you that includes both sides of investing – offense and defense. You need both. The exact, successful strategy we developed for investing with an offense and a defense is instantly applied to your 401(k) account.

11. Defensive triggers if we believe there is an emergency.

As a professional pilot, you know firsthand the importance of safety and emergency preparedness. If your investment strategy isn’t prepared for emergencies and ready to implement safety procedures immediately – even grounding the portfolio when necessary – then your future retirement is at risk.

Without exaggeration, we believe the future will hold challenges that will be dramatic and sudden. This requires increased watchfulness and decision-making. How often do we exercise our ability to immediately ground The 401k AutopilotSM Program? Rarely. But of course, when it is used, it can make all the difference in the future retirement of our clients. It has happened. The world we are investing in today is more volatile and more unpredictable today than at any time in the past three decades. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. We have it, if it is needed. It will be needed again, just as it was in March of 2000 and October 2008. When it is needed again, we will make safety our priority and land the plane as quickly as practical.

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