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It may be true that nothing is certain except death and taxes, but at least one of those predicaments can be mitigated. Smart tax planning may reduce investment taxes as much as 40%, a savings that could open the door to financial independence. Unfortunately, that crucial aspect of total wealth management is often overlooked, especially […]

Lawmakers in Washington, particularly those aligned with the Republican Party, like to talk about tax cuts. Which is why you might be hearing more birds and crickets chirping than usual around Capitol Hill. Because, with all this federal debt piling up, it’ll be a long time before another bill like the Tax Cuts and Jobs […]

If you’re like most of us, you haven’t thought too deeply about your retirement savings for some number of years.  You might have made a selection on your W-4 form the day you were on-boarded and haven’t given it a whole lot of attention since. You get your periodic statement from your retirement plan, and, as […]