• Personnel is policy

    It can be presumed at this point that on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be in office. Elections, no matter how well-executed and no matter how flawed, come to a conclusion at some point. The winner gets to pick the people who will execute the agenda. It is these appointments that, more than anything […]

  • What is Happening to the Value of the U.S. Dollar?

    We have talked about investing in commodities. “So, what’s your plan for your post-Great Expansion nest egg?” we asked, referring to the decade-long period of economic growth, which has since succumbed to the virus. “What if the stock market turns bearish, the yield curve continues to penalize long-term savings and the Federal Reserve continues to […]

  • Large-Cap and Small-Cap Stocks: What You Should Know

    This article was supposed to be a reminder that, during tough times, it’s generally better to hold large-cap stocks than small-cap stocks. We’ll get into the theory in a moment but, like everything else that once made sense, the coronavirus pandemic has completely contorted that dictum beyond recognition. There is no appreciable, risk-adjusted difference at […]

  • How to Navigate a Volatile Market

    With the economy sputtering, stocks going up, and coronavirus cases going one way or the other depending on where you live, these are some fairly anxious times. No, let’s not be cagey about it. These are the most anxious times since most of us have been alive, and since most of our parents have been […]

  • IPOs: Not just for high rollers

    There sure have been a lot of big-name initial public offerings (IPOs) so far this year, and a lot more in the pipeline. Already we’ve seen Zoom, Slack, Beyond Meat, Chewy, Fiverr, Pinterest, Uber, and Lyft. Still on deck are AirBNB, Postmates, Robinhood, and WeWork parent The We Company. Traditionally, retail investors have been unable […]

  • Bear hunting

    It’s hard to gauge the point at which you’ve entered a recession – two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. It’s much easier, though, to figure out when you’ve hit a bear market because a bear market occurs when the stock market, usually defined as the S&P 500 index, falls 20% from its peak. It’s […]

  • Commodities: Hard assets for hard times

    In normal times, investment advisors often tell you to diversify your portfolio into three broad categories: equities, fixed income, and cash equivalents. What proportion you put into each bucket is a judgment call, as is the frequency with which you rebalance your portfolio. And of course, the art lies in picking the right vehicles within […]

  • Emotional Rescue: Guard Yourself Against These Common Investing Biases

    Some of the most hackneyed suggestions you’ll hear from financial advisers is, “Don’t invest with emotion.” We’re going to gently push back on that notion a little. The reasons why you invest are deeply emotional because the stakes are high. This isn’t about scorekeeping, it’s about ensuring that your loved ones—yourself included—are provided for when […]

  • Could Brexit be good for your portfolio?

    The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union! Implications for global trade could be disastrous! Implications for the global financial industry could be even worse! The British government is in disarray! People are panicking! But should they? To say the U.K. has weathered worse would be so trite an understatement that even the British – […]

  • debt

    Fed fears unfounded, fortunately

    A November 28 headline in the New York Times gushed, “Two Words From Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Sent Markets Soaring”. Jay Powell – who likes being called Jerome about as much as Jerome Seinfeld does – noted, according to the Times, “the Fed’s benchmark interest rate was ‘just below’ the neutral level, meaning the central […]

  • Whipsaw on Wall Street

    What a difference a few weeks make. Over the summer, U.S. stock indexes shot up like sunflowers (sorry – we just saw the new Van Gogh biopic). By the second week of October, though, the aggregate market value of leading American industrial companies was in virtual freefall until it recovered in the last days of […]

  • Investment advice from The Great One

    If you collect inspirational, empowering quotes, then you’ve already heard this one a million times: “I skate to where the puck is going to be,” hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said, “not where it has been.” At the time of this writing, it’s a hundred degrees outside in most cities with a National Hockey League […]