Getting Started with Smith Anglin is Easy.

Choosing a financial advisor is highly personal. We know you have questions. And we know you want to do your due diligence. That’s why we offer multiple ways for you to get to know us — at no risk to you.

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  • Schedule a Personal Consultation

    At our first meeting, we’ll answer any questions you may have about our firm. We’ll discuss your financial goals and any concerns you may have regarding your employer plan and benefits. We’ll talk about our expectations for a productive relationship and determine if there is a good mutual fit.

    Request a Personal Consultation

  • Request a Fact Finder for your FREE Retirement Snapshot ReportSM

    Request and complete our simple, one-page Fact Finder. We’ll review your information and send your personalized Retirement Snapshot ReportSM at no charge to you. In your Retirement SnapshotSM, you’ll see a birds-eye view of your total net worth, and our analysis of your income streams, expenses and taxes. You’ll learn if your money can fund your goals and stretch to retirement and beyond.

    Send My Fact Finder Now!

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  • Sign Up for Our “14 Days to a Secure Retirement” Email Course

    Sign up to receive our popular email series covering the most pressing retirement issues faced by our clients and their families. We’ll send you one email per day for 14 days. In two weeks, you’ll feel much more confident about the following topics:

    • Do I have enough money to retire?
    • How much money can I take out of my investments each year?
    • How do I choose a financial advisor?
    • How do I roll over my retirement account?
    • What investments are best for retirees?
    • How to avoid the 9 worst mistakes investors make with their retirement money.

    Sign up for our “14 Days to a Secure Retirement” Email Course