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  • The student debt bomb

    Quick: What’s the biggest source of debt in the U.S.? If you answered “mortgages,” you’d be right. But that’s almost too obvious. What comes next? Cars? No, that’s third. Credit cards? Not even close. Medical bills? Someday, maybe. It’s student loans – the bankruptcy-proof ones you can never get out of until they are all […]

  • Planning for College

    WOW – August already!  Where has the summer gone?  I can’t believe that it is time for school and college to get cranked up again in a matter of weeks.   I personally have two going back to college this year.  They are both attending Baylor, as I did, and it is great to be able […]

  • Beneficiaries

    I’m sure most of you are glad the tax filing deadline has come and gone, although I suspect there are plenty of you that have postponed the inevitable with an extension.  Either way, just getting through the April deadline seems to remove much of the anxiety surrounding taxes in general and can allow us to […]


    We know they’re coming but don’t want to acknowledge them! As I sit to write the blog for this month, I can’t help but reflect how my life has changed over the past month with what seem like normal life events.  What are these life events?  Well both of my sons have had graduations.  I […]