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  • Bear hunting

    It’s hard to gauge the point at which you’ve entered a recession – two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. It’s much easier, though, to figure out when you’ve hit a bear market because a bear market occurs when the stock market, usually defined as the S&P 500 index, falls 20% from its peak. It’s […]

  • Stronger signals, even stronger noise

    In 2015, IBM signaled that 90% of all the data in the world had been created in the previous two years. While there aren’t stats for what that figure is today, surely it’s higher. At last read, one minute is all it takes for the digital world to produce 3.8 million Google searches, 448,800 tweets, […]

  • Fast Forward One Year

    What a difference a year makes.  Do you recall how 2016 started? The United States’ Federal Reserve announced the first interest rate hike in years in December of 2015, and the S&P 500 would then plummet almost 11% over the following 8 weeks.  At the same time, Japan and a number of European countries initiated […]

  • Roth 401k vs Traditional 401k, Which is Best?

    Recently, there has been renewed discussion about whether employee investors should make traditional pre-tax contributions into their employer-provided 401k plan or take advantage of the Roth 401k option.  Over the past several years, many employers have added a Roth 401k option to their retirement plan offering, which is the basis for the increased discussion. What […]

  • Emotions and Decision-making

    Some time ago, one of my colleagues wrote a three-part white paper on how emotions can affect our decision-making processes.  How it is next to impossible to remove the emotional bias from everyday decisions when it comes to finances.  There was much discussion about how our brains process information and the paper even described the […]

  • Behavioral Finance – Part III

    “If I had a million dollars…” is a refrain often spoken and contemplated. From song lyrics to day dreams, we spend time fantasizing about what we would do with such a large sum of money. For many, accumulating a million dollars seems unattainable, but in reality, it can be achieved. The keys are: utilizing a […]

  • Why International Markets Still Matter

    Of the world’s 500 largest companies, how many do you think are domiciled outside of the U.S.? Would finding out the answer is 368 – almost 75% of the total – surprise you? Or answer this: how much do you think the U.S. contributes to the world’s output, its global gross domestic product? Most Americans […]