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“I want to understand what I should be doing with my money for the years between now and retirement, which I know will be here soon enough. I’m in “accumulation mode” and I need to make the best of it. For me, that means maximizing contributions to my 401k and the other retirement accounts and benefits provided through our pilot contract with the airline.”

Active Pilots Seeking Growth & Preparing to Retire

For active pilots approaching retirement, we take a comprehensive approach to maximizing your 401k plan and other workplace benefits. We start by listening to you, and we help you identify your goals. Once we have a clear picture of what you would like to accomplish, we conduct a complete financial analysis to determine where you are so we can create strategies to make your goals and dreams a reality. All the while, our proactive approach means we come along side you and assess your progress along the way.

Retired Pilots Seeking Lifestyle Security

Retired pilots looking for financial stability and a wide array of wealth management services are our largest client segment because we’ve been meeting their needs for decades. Before the onset of retirement, we conduct a thorough financial analysis and develop retirement strategies aligned with your goals. Our extensive experience navigating all aspects of retirement, including advising pilots on Medicare, Social Security, pension optimization, and more, combined with our proactive and comprehensive Standard of Care, ensures minimal surprises and enables us to assist you in staying on course throughout your retirement journey.

“I don’t want to spend my time in retirement worrying about the stock market and how my IRA and other accounts are doing. I know I need growth, but I also know I need income and stability. I want some of the market upside, but I can’t afford to take big losses, especially since I know I’m required to take distributions from my IRA when I get older, whether I need the money or not. I want to make sure the money that we have set aside all these years will be enough for us in retirement.”

“I’m always on the go and need to focus on my career, so I need a professional to focus on my investments and finances. I want an expert that I trust to help me make smart decisions about my retirement plan choices, airline benefits, and I want that advisor to be a resource for the other personal financial decisions that come up along the way.”

Senior Flight Attendant and Crew

Senior flight attendants and crew members can focus on their careers while we handle their finances. We help optimize your retirement and other benefits offered by the airline and provide you with expert financial guidance and strategies that suit your situation. Our Autopilot Program for 401k accounts, allows you to make smart financial decisions with trust and confidence.


For retirees concerned about the viability of their nest egg and the well-being of their loved ones, our firm provides services to meet those needs. Retirement should be about enjoying life and those you love, and not spent worrying about money and the “what ifs”. You need an advisor who is experienced and who provides the services that give you peace of mind. You need to know that your advisor is focused on and has a plan for what’s next in life, and that everything will be taken care of.

“Have we saved enough to get us through retirement? If something happened to me, would my spouse be okay? Would she have someone with the right expertise that she could trust and turn to?”

“With my responsibilities at work, I’m too busy managing coworkers and projects to allocate the time necessary to responsibly manage my own retirement accounts and other savings. I delegate tasks to others at my job because it results in the best outcome overall, and I see that I need to do the same with my finances.”

Corporate Executives

Corporate executives and senior management at successful companies know that time is our most precious commodity. They don’t have the time to do it all and delegating tasks to others who have the expertise to get the job done right yields the best outcomes for everyone. That’s why so many executives engage our firm to take on this job. They see that we have the experience, skills, and time to focus on helping them maximize their corporate benefits and retirement plans, while minimizing their exposure to market risks and taxes. We help identify their retirement goals, create strategies to achieve those goals given the benefits they have, and then implement a plan to get there while regularly monitoring and evaluating our successes along the way.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

For business owners and entrepreneurs who need to focus on making their ventures thrive and who don’t have the time, energy or expertise to allocate to planning for retirement and to optimizing their financial picture, we can help. Our services are designed to help business owners optimize their income, minimize taxes, and put away as much for retirement as possible. We’ll help ascertain what you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, and we will help put a plan together to get you there.

“As the owner of a growing business, I’m too busy focusing on all of the things I need to do to make this business thrive to allocate much time at all to managing my retirement accounts and savings. For the same reasons I seek out good employees to help build this business, I need a firm with the right mix of expertise and tools to help maximize and optimize my finances.”