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Our Texas-based firm offers financial advice and wealth management for affluent individuals and their families nationwide

Corporate Executives

Corporate executives and senior management at successful companies know that time is our most precious commodity. They don’t have the time to do it all and delegating tasks to others who have the expertise to get the job done right yields the best outcomes for everyone. That’s why so many executives engage our firm to take on this job. They see that we have the experience, skills, and time to focus on helping them maximize their corporate benefits and retirement plans, while minimizing their exposure to market risks and taxes. We help identify their retirement goals, create strategies to achieve those goals given the benefits they have, and then implement a plan to get there while regularly monitoring and evaluating our successes along the way.

With my responsibilities at work, I’m too busy managing coworkers and projects to allocate the time necessary to responsibly manage my own retirement accounts and other savings. I delegate tasks to others at my job because it results in the best outcome overall, and I see that I need to do the same with my finances.

fAQs from Executives we work with

How can I maximize workplace benefits during my final and highest earning years?

How can I minimize my tax exposure as retirement draws closer?

What’s the best way to deal with my large position in my company’s stock?

I’m charitably inclined, so how can I maximize the impact I can have on the charities I like to give to, and get the best tax outcome for myself at the same time?

I need help figuring out the best time to start Social Security and the pension benefit I’ll receive from my employer.

How much of my portfolio can I safely spend each year without running out of money?

How can I manage market risks when my income goes away?

Do my estate planning documents need to be updated?

Should I consider creating a trust?

Proudly serving clients throughout the United States for over 25 years.

Our Services — At a Glance

  • Fee-based managed accounts
  • Retirement planning (IRAs, SEP, 401(k) rollovers)
  • Retirement capital projections and income analysis
  • College funding analysis and evaluation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Insurance analysis
  • Asset review and account consolidation
  • Online account access and performance reporting
  • Mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and options
  • Bonds (tax free and taxable)
  • Structured notes and other alternative investments
  • 529 College Savings Plans and UGMA/UTMA
  • Custodial accounts
  • Certifcates of deposit (CDs)
  • Tax return preparation for individuals, entities, estates and trusts
  • Tax reduction analysis
  • IRS representation
  • Required Minimum Distribution Calculations
  • Gifting strategies
  • Multi-generational wealth planning
  • Coordination of estate plan and wealth transfer
  • Titling of assets
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Assigning executors, guardians and power of attorney agents
  • Implementation of estate plan
  • Reevaluation of survivors’ financial plan(s)
  • Coordination of life insurance death benefit claim procedures
  • Assistance with federal and state estate tax returns
  • Re-titling of assets
  • Personal banking and account balancing support
  • Variable and fixed annuities
  • Permanent and term life insurance
  • Long term care solutions

Why Choose Smith Anglin?

What is Smith Anglin’s Standard of Care?

Director of Advisory Services David Camarillo, CFP® explains how Smith Anglin applies our proprietary Standard of CareSM to help bring consistency and added stability to our clients’ financial lives.

What is Fiduciary?

If you have ever considered using a financial adviser, chances are you may have heard this term and wondered exactly what it means and why it’s important when choosing an investment adviser. Watch our short video to find out more about fiduciary obligations.

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