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Smith Anglin Financial is a leading financial advisory firm based in Dallas, Texas. For over 25 years we have served as trusted financial stewards to our clients in 44 states and abroad, working diligently to help them achieve their goals, dreams and financial security. Our mission is to conscientiously secure the financial well-being of our clients over the course of their lives.

  • Why should you choose Smith Anglin?

    Managing Partner Weston Pollock explains what being a fiduciary means and why it’s important when choosing a financial adviser.

  • Weston Pollock - Managing Partner

  • Financial stability for a life well earned.SM

    Proudly serving over 750 pilots, crew and their families, we offer comprehensive retirement services for pilots and aviation professionals. Smith Anglin’s 401k AutopilotSM Program is available to pilots employed by any of the major airline carriers in all 50 states.

    Learn more about our Aviation Financial Group.

  • Wealth management for life.®

    We help individuals and families make informed financial and tax decisions triggered by their unique life events that occur before, at and after retirement. Our services include financial planning, investments, tax planning, estate planning, survivor assistance and insurance.

    Learn more about our Wealth Management Group.
  • Your personal advocate for tax and business planning.SM

    Since 1967, our CPA practice has built a reputation for delivering accurate, aggressive tax planning and accounting services for small business clientele and individuals. We offer tax preparation services, strategic business analysis, estate planning advice and a full suite of CFO services designed to ease the burden of accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance.

    Learn more about our tax and CPA services.

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