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    Our Experience Working with Southwest Pilots and Families

    Smith Anglin Financial is proud to work side by side with Southwest pilots. We’ve helped them understand and maximize their plan options for over 15 years. We’re specialists in Southwest’s 401k investment options and the performance of those options within the employer-provided retirement benefits plan. We’re also specialists in managing the tax issues for your deferred compensation components.

    What You Should Know About Your Retirement Plan

    • How to establish and administer your (PCRA) option.
      • Southwest Airlines’ Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA) is a managed brokerage account that resides within your 401(k) plan. It enables you to contribute retirement plan savings into an expanded range of investment choices. If managed properly, it can give you an incredible advantage when it comes to saving for retirement.

    The graphic below highlights some of the milestones that should initiate changes in your retirement strategy.

    401k flow

    • How to take advantage of your In Service Rollover Option available at 59.5 years of age
    • How to coordinate tax issues for your non-qualified plan benefits: 401(a)(17), Excess 415 Benefit, and Top Hat Plans
      • A non-qualified plan is a type of tax-deferred, employer-sponsored retirement plan that falls outside of Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) guidelines. These plans allow Southwest to defer a greater amount for retirement than is permitted inside a qualified plan: 401(a)(17), Excess 415 Benefit, and Top Hat Plan.
      • When you enroll in these plans, you must elect how to receive the funds (as a lump sum or spread out over several years in installments). This decision is irrevocable, so it is critical that you plan wisely to avoid unnecessarily high tax payments.
  • Your Southwest Retirement Specialists

    Weston Pollock

    Partner and Wealth Advisor

    Jack Snider

    Wealth Advisor

    (972) 267-1244 local
    (800) 301-8486 toll free

  • Weston Pollock - Managing Partner

    Are You Ready For Retirement? [1:47]

  • Weston Pollock - Managing Partner

    Qualified vs. Non-Qualified Plans [3:19]

  • Jack Snider - Wealth Advisor

    Learn About Your PCRA [2:32]

  • Jack Snider - Wealth Advisor

    Voluntary Separation Program [1:46]

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