Southwest Airlines

Our Experience Working with Southwest Pilots, Employees, and Families

Smith Anglin Financial is proud to work side by side with Southwest pilots to provide retirement benefits planning. We’ve helped them understand and maximize their plan options for over 20 years. We’re specialists in Southwest’s 401k investment options and the performance of those options within the employer-provided retirement benefits plan. We’re also specialists in managing the tax issues for your deferred compensation components.

What You Should Know About Your Plan

The graphic below highlights some of the milestones that should initiate changes in your Southwest Airlines retirement benefits strategy.

Early Career
  • Open and contribute to IRAs, Roth IRAs
  • Participate in company 401k plan
  • Make use of PCRA sub-account
  • Make maximum contributions
  • Seek professional advice for investment and tax issues
At Age 50
  • Begin making "catchup contributions" into 401k and IRA
At Age 59.5
  • Rollover assets in 401k to IRA
  • Rollover assets from ProfitSharing into IRA
At Age 65
  • Transfer/Rollover remaining retirement assets to IRA
  • Establish a financial plan for retirement
Catch-up Contributions
Employee annual contributions
Employer annual contributions

Request Your Complimentary Financial Plan

Whether you’re considering early retirement or plan to extend your flying career, we will help maximize your company-provided Southwest pilot and employee benefits, assess the pros and cons of each decision as it relates to your specific circumstances, and most importantly, create a plan to accomplish what matters most to you – enjoying the retirement you have worked so hard for.

We are proud of our reputation as a leading full-service wealth advisory firm that is committed to conservative investment philosophy and the delivery of our proprietary Standard of Care. We welcome an opportunity to construct a complimentary Southwest pilot or employee benefits Retirement Plan Analysis for you. Simply complete the brief form to get started, and one of our Aviation Retirement Specialists will reach out to you soon.

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Qualified vs. Non-Qualified Plans [3:19]

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Southwest Pilots, You Took the Early Out. What Happens Now? [2:53]


Request Your 401k AutopilotSM Program Digital Brochure

If you are a pilot with a 401k balance under $500k, our 401K AutopilotSM  Program is the solution we’ve created to help optimize your financial future. Our team of experts will help you navigate the ever-changing capital markets landscape and set up a financially savvy flight plan to accomplish what matters most to you – building a more secure financial picture for all the years ahead. To learn more, request your digital brochure today!