The Smith Anglin Standard of Care

Services designed for every important milestone in your life

A helping hand for every stage of life.

Our professional Standard of CareSM is our proprietary planning process that ensures we consistently address the important financial milestones as they occur throughout your life. Whether you’re just getting started with saving, or you’re in the peak of your earning years; or perhaps retirement is right on the near horizon… Smith Anglin’s professional Standard of CareSM can help you stay on the path to financial independence and cement your personal financial planning process.

What is Smith Anglin’s Professional Standard of CareSM?

Director of Advisory Services David Camarillo, CFP® explains how Smith Anglin applies our proprietary Standard of CareSM to help bring consistency and added stability to our clients’ financial lives.

Phase I

For those who are starting families, purchasing homes and establishing their careers.

Phase II

For those who are earning more, accumulating wealth and managing growing tax burdens.

Phase III

For those entering final career years and strengthening their nest egg for retirement.

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