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Stocks were plummeting. Banks collapsed. By mid-October, the New York Stock Exchange had lost half its value from the previous year. The few remaining healthy companies bought out those that failed, and even the most fervent antitrust crusaders fell by the wayside. The economy was already in recession, with industrial production reduced by almost one-third. […]

It’s hard to stay calm when headlines like “Russia invades Ukraine!” appear everywhere you look. And matters are made worse when you’re reminded that the reckless aggressor in the conflict is a nuclear power which is just a short series of missteps away from leading to World War 3. Honestly, if global nuclear war is […]

DALLAS—February 7, 2022—Smith Anglin Financial has been recognized as a 2022 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers as announced by InvestmentNews today. Smith Anglin Financial was chosen as one of this year’s top 75 firms based on employer and employee surveys delving into everything from company culture, benefits, career paths, and more. “It’s a […]

(Before we proceed, we remind you that this blog is for educational purposes only and we’re not recommending options trading for all readers. Consult your financial advisor before starting options trading.) Equities boomed last year. A positive year was expected by many, although the extent of the upside came as a surprise to many market […]

Notoriously the word inflation is known for creating chaotic discourse and crazy predictions of massive economic catastrophes. Some of it is true—prices for a lot of goods are in fact spiking, and this can certainly have negative effects on the overall economy. Also true is the fact the government “created” $11.8 trillion since the pandemic […]

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