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Commercial real estate recovers from long Covid We discussed above how residential real estate prices are dropping in response to higher mortgage rates, even as unit sales are increasing. While homes generally appreciate in value over the long haul, it’s a dicey proposition from an investing perspective. It’s great to know that your personal domain […]

This year, the federal government expects to take in about $4.9 trillion in fiscal year 2023, compared with last year’s $4.8 trillion. You could make the case that, allowing for inflation, government revenues are actually going down, but be careful who you try to make that case to. If it’s to the American taxpayer who’s […]

Mortgage rates are spiking, so people are putting off buying a house. Those who already own their four walls are staying put because they know they’ll never get better loan terms than they have right now. In the meantime, household formations are exceeding housing starts by about 2,000 units every 12 months. That’s actually nothing […]

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