• Our Experience Working with FedEx Pilots and Families

    Smith Anglin Financial is proud to work side by side with FedEx pilots. Every day, our advisors help them understand and maximize their plan options. We’re specialists in FedEx’s 401k investment options and the performance of those options within the employer-provided retirement benefits plan.

    What You Should Know About Your Plan

    • How to take advantage of your In Service Rollover Option available at 59.5 years of age
    • How to evaluate your 401k’s investment options and their individual performance
    • How to evaluate and maximize your pension plan (defined benefit) options of your retirement benefit plan
  • Your FedEx Retirement Specialist

    Wayne Worthington, CFA, CFP®

    Wealth Advisor

    (972) 267-1244 local
    (800) 301-8486 toll free

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If you have more than $250,000 in your 401k account, The 401k AutopilotSM Program is the solution to creating a secure future for your family in a very insecure airline world.

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