Brian Bergman, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Brian Bergman is a Kansas City native who received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Kansas State University. Brian is a CFP® professional and a licensed financial analyst and securities representative.

Before joining Smith Anglin Financial, Brian worked on the Fixed Income desk at TD Ameritrade where he was responsible for constructing personalized fixed income portfolios and analyzing bonds. Brian also worked at Fidelity Investments where he expanded his expertise in strategic planning, asset allocation advisory services, and portfolio oversight.

With his diverse investment background, Brian thoughtfully meets the retirement needs of the pilot client base he services. Brian is passionate about building relationships with his clients as he prepares and monitors their retirement plans and needs. Brian will challenge your perceptions, call it as he sees it, and occasionally make you laugh. Outside of the office, Brian enjoys playing with his son Bennett and spending time with his wife, Kenzie. They have a golden retriever named Dallas and enjoy taking him for walks around the neighborhood.

“Building deep, meaningful relationships is the core of what we do. Having the heart of a teacher, we always put your interests first and foremost.”