The Smith Anglin Blog

Author: David Camarillo

With the spread of Covid-19 dominating the headlines, health is understandably on people’s minds. So, we’ve decided to make this a wellness-themed newsletter. We recently gave an overview of the streaming media industry. Now we’ll examine another industry that seems to have popped up seemingly overnight: exercise equipment. Sure, there were always weight machines, and […]

Let’s be honest. The field of Democratic presidential hopefuls resembles a scattershot pattern of personal brands and single-issue campaigns. Even if that weren’t demonstrably true, we could guard against charges of partisanship by conceding the same could be said of the Republican field four years ago. But there’s one contender with one message that’s worth […]

What a difference a few weeks make. Over the summer, U.S. stock indexes shot up like sunflowers (sorry – we just saw the new Van Gogh biopic). By the second week of October, though, the aggregate market value of leading American industrial companies was in virtual freefall until it recovered in the last days of […]

The internet is a dangerous place. Let’s set aside for the moment all the ways you can be surveilled by governments, marketers, and network providers. Let’s also defer to another day any discussion of identity theft committed by foreign agents and domestic bad actors. The important lesson for today is that we do not voluntarily […]