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The Chinese economy of 2023 is in bad shape. This surprises very few people, and has been both predictable and predicted since 1979, when the then-most populous country in the world imposed its one-child policy. Initially introduced to combat the perceived threat of overpopulation in the news at the time, it has proven to be, […]

Investing in your child’s future education is an important financial goal for many parents. Two popular options for saving for higher education are the 529 plan and the UTMA plan. While both of these investment vehicles can be used to save for your child’s education, they have distinct differences. In this blog, we will discuss […]

Banks fail. No matter what guardrails we put in place, how many regulators are supposed to be overseeing them, or how sterling the top executives’ reputations, banks fail. Rarely do they all collapse at once, fortunately, and there aren’t always major reverberations throughout the economy, but bank implosions have happened before, and they’ll happen again. […]

Serving as a Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager for an individual or family requires more than just knowledge and understanding of investment management. At Smith Anglin, we take our advisory role as a fiduciary very seriously and feel it is important to not only grow and preserve a client’s wealth but to do all we […]

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