Insights from Smith Anglin

  • What will happen to the airline industry?

    Ever notice how many business terms come from aviation? “The 30,000-foot view.” “Headwind.” “Golden parachute.” But there is one troubling term being bandied about now: bailout. When you hear it related to the airline industry, rest assured it’s in the nautical sense of the word. Passenger airlines are set to receive $25 billion in grants […]

  • Smith Anglin Financial Named a 2020 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisors by InvestmentNews

    DALLAS—April 27, 2020—Smith Anglin Financial has been recognized as a 2020 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers as announced by InvestmentNews today. Smith Anglin Financial was chosen as one of this year’s top-75 based on employer and employee surveys delving into everything from company culture, benefits, career paths, and more. “It’s pretty amazing to […]

  • The Even-Greater Recession?

    Remember when George W. Bush enacted the Troubled Asset Relief Program, handing the banks $475 billion to paper over their bad debts – and how shocked you were that taxpayers were expected to bail out Wall Street? Remember just a few months later when Congress gave Barack Obama his American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and […]

  • CARES Act: here are some notable highlights

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has upended world economies and sent many industries deep into the red. In light of this, the United States government has enacted a plan to stimulate the economy and offset the financial strain many Americans are feeling as the outbreak continues. Cash Payments and Assistance The CARES Act will send funds […]

  • MSAs, HSAs, and FSAs: Comparing the differences

    Let’s discuss how we pay for health care and differentiate the types of medical savings accounts (MSAs) offered today. Perhaps you’ll spot the one that’s right for you. Then again, maybe you don’t need one at all. Active ingredients There are differences between a medical savings account and a health savings account. That is, all […]

  • Getting fiscal about getting physical

    With the spread of Covid-19 dominating the headlines, health is understandably on people’s minds. So, we’ve decided to make this a wellness-themed newsletter. We recently gave an overview of the streaming media industry. Now we’ll examine another industry that seems to have popped up seemingly overnight: exercise equipment. Sure, there were always weight machines, and […]

  • A Luddite’s guide to streaming services

    Technology is changing. And, while many of us still own shoes older than our first Web browser, the act of reading text on a computer is outmoded as a platform for communication, according to many (i.e., our kids). And if you still own a landline phone and a cable TV box, well bless your heart. […]

  • Does the ‘R’ in IRA really stand for ‘rainy-day’?

    We’ve spoken a lot in this space about IRAs: traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, backdoor IRAs and so on. And we’ve always presented these vehicles as fairly conventional, plain-vanilla places to save for your golden years. After all, IRA stands for individual retirement arrangement. Or does it? There are any number of ways you can take […]